What We Do

What we do at Lissawell Coaching:


Lissawell Coaching is a Leadership and Executive coaching and mentoring business.

We design customised coaching packages to allow human beings to live life to its fullest and to enable you to be the best version of yourself through truth, openness and trust. Our focus is on positivity and the journey we go through together in our sessions will allow the changes that you desire to become a reality.

Business Mentoring & Leadership and Executive Coaching - Tailored to the client’s needs, Lissawell Coaching can provide a combined approach using which ever virtual platform that works for you or if you prefer in person.

We can provide individual 1-1 coaching sessions or alternatively our journey together can work well in group setting, whatever your needs we will solve the problems together. 

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Workshops, presentations  & services


Lissawell Coaching can help with the following areas that may be problems for you:

We support new startup businesses/inspire existing businesses to embrace wellbeing, build resilience and drive profitability and improve your customers experiences.

Together we can work to alleviate anxieties returning to the office, find the right job for you & ensure that you are confident to be interview/presentation ready to empower your audience.

Executive Team Coaching

  • Enhance your corporate culture & wellness
  • Executive leadership development
  • Remove change management anxieties
  • Maximise team’s operational effectiveness
  • Empower gender equality & diversity

1 to 1 coaching

  • Stroll to success to improve your wellness
  • Unlock your full potential
  • Find the right fit for your work/life balance
  • Success for stellar work presentations
  • Empower gender equality & diversity