1 To 1 Mentoring & Coaching

Unlock your full potential:


This mentoring & coaching series is ideal for you if you believe that you have greater potential and require support to unlock your full potential be it for a successful home or professional life.

ECI Dr Martyn Newman, Roche Martin inform us that “Optimism comes from the latin word optimus meaning ’best’ – an optimistic person is always looking for the best in any situation”.
UPenn at the VIA Institute fill us with confidence that "Character strengths assist in reducing the likelihood of distress and dysfunction while encouraging tangible outcomes like: Greater happiness. Acceptance of oneself. Competence, mastery, efficacy. Mental and physical health."

Strolling to success to improve your wellness:


Lyubomirsky, King, & Diener, state “Happy people are healthier, more successful, and more socially engaged, and the causal direction runs both ways”. As I have taken learns from events in my past I am grateful to choose to live my life and commit to develop my coaching practice through positivity, wellness and passion.
People come to coaching for lots of different things, but the bottom line is change, I will hold you my client in unconditional positive regard and our conversations are fully confidential.
Lissawell Coaching can tailor your coaching package – if you are more comfortable to walk and talk, come unpack, and we can do this together virtually or if it is safe to do so in person all inline with Covid-19 guidelines.

Success for stellar work presentations:


“When I want to, I perform better than when I have to. I want to for me, I have to for you. Self-motivation is a matter of choice”. John Whitmore.
From inspiration to action – together we will visualise your end goal and set you up for meetings & presentations no matter how large or small the audience, if it is important for you to nail it you will be ready and confident to develop the skill of self-coaching which opens the door to self-improvement and self-discovery.

Empower gender equality & diversity:

In 2022 and increased hybrid working environments gender equality in the work place is a substantial issue facing employers in small to medium enterprises, large multinational and even in your family and home life. Through a 1 to 1 coaching series, we can ensure that your team feel included, confident to show the strength of diversity while empowered to make the necessary changes. 

A Harvard Business Review in March 2020 by Robin J. Ely a Professor at Harvard Business School and Irene Padavic a Professor at Florida State University asked a powerful Question “What is really holding women back?”. The answer is not what you may expect.

The culture of overwork is the real culprit and punishes not just women but also men and polygender. The review enlightens us that “Only by recognising and addressing the problem as one that affects all employees will we have a chance of achieving workplace equality”.

Find the right fit for your work/life balance:


Are you in a position where you are not using your skillset to its fullest potential, do you want to relocate or embrace the hybrid environment and need support to create a strategic planning.

Have you been searching for a new job for months and can’t progress past the interview stage? Is there a promotion coming up and you want to be ready to nail it. Together in this series Lissawell coaching will set you up to find the right fit for you.

Dr. Martin Seligman, along with four other authors research led them to write an article on ‘Positive Psychology Progress Empirical Validation of Interventions’ with the key focus on psychological interventions that increased individual’s happiness.
Their findings showed three of the interventions lasting increased, happiness, resulted in less depression and higher gratitude. This researched showed true value of the power of positive psychology and intervention which is invaluable to the coaching industry. (Nansook, P., Peterson, C., Seligman, M., Steen, A. T.).