Executive Team Coaching

Enhance your corporate culture & wellness:


Culture is human, emotional and complex and ever changing and refers to the beliefs and behaviours of a company, bottom up and top down. The famous management guru Peter Drucker believed a positive work culture enhanced a company’s competitive edge.

Organisational alignment is key between wellness and culture, “strategy lays down the rules for playing the game and culture finds the spirit of playing the game”.

To enhance corporate culture and make wellness a way of being requires an emotional intelligent approach that seeks collaboration and balance across all elements – People, Organisational structure, Systems, Processes with Leadership as the collaborative link.

Executive leadership development:


It is essential for high potential leaders to maximise potential through continued investment and development.
Sir John Whitmore educates us that “developing people on the job has been shown to be the most effective form of learning with the 70:20:10 model” – 70% experience on the job, 20% comes from learning from others, 10% from course work.
“Relationships at work and at home are critical to our health and wellness. Work to cultivate high quality connections with people by showing respect, listening, and sharing your own true feelings”. Prof Beth Frates, Harvard Lifestyle Medicine.

Remove change management anxieties:


The Central Statistics Office April 2020 survey results showed that only 12.2% of people surveyed rated their life satisfaction as high. Employees that are working have often a fear of returning to the office, or miss the social element when working from home, the business has limited resources with less team members or your business is excelling and the team are struggling to adapt to the new pace required.

Director of Kingstown college Paula King states “If we dread our working days and look to tomorrow with pessimism and wariness, we will be unable to work to our potential as we will feel depleted and de-energised. A positive workplace will provide an environment which is conductive to developing the individual and encouraging them to truly reach their potential”.

Maximise team’s operational effectiveness:


“Talent win’s games, but team work and intelligence wins championships” – Michael Jordon.

Coaching for an operationally effective performance can be led by the principle of Lean performance. “Together, Lean and coaching create a virtuous circle of unparalleled performance improvement”. Sir John Whitmore – The father of performance coaching.

We deliver sustainable practices to allow your team to work effectively and to maintain in the long term. When a team come together with the right mindset and drive the results = success.