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Internationally qualified leadership, executive & life coach

I am Fran

At Lissawell Coaching we empower clients to unlock their full potential and solve problems enabling change.

My positivity, passion along with drive for results gives me confidence to say that 100% of my clients have given feedback that through our coaching and mentoring session’s together, that they have felt empowered with the right tools to change their lives and achieve their goals to optimise performance.

The solution to your problems:


On our journey together we can help you be an influential leader, save time, save money and add value to your life and work environment.

We support new startup businesses, inspire existing businesses to embrace corporate wellbeing, resilience and drive profitability by improving your customers experiences.

Together we can work to alleviate anxieties returning to work, find the right job for you & ensure that you are confident and interview & presentation ready to empower your audience.

Invest in yourself

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